The North Fork Century

Sunday August 30, 2015

A Bicycling Magazine Cool Ride of the Month

Beautiful Flat Routes for

Beginners & Experts

25 miles • 50 miles • 72 miles • 100 miles

A Benefit For

The Best Rest Stops • Superb Support


Free Hot Showers at The Finish Line • All Ages Welcome




Glen here -- your tour director and humble servant since ‘97.

The North Fork section of Long Island is, well, what the Hamptons must have been like back in the day -- browse through the photos of the North Fork ride route on each page of this web site to see what we’re talking about. We'll ride on low-traffic quiet country roads through lush farmland and past wineries, small towns, and along the coast of the Sound. 

You'll have your choice of a 100-mile full century, a 72-mile ride, an extra-lovely 50 mile ride, or a family-friendly 25-mile route. Everyone starts pedaling the ride together on the same roads -- you can decide right in the middle of the ride which distance you want to do.

The route is flat, Flat, FLAT... no significant hills at all on the 25- or 50-mile routes, one modest hill on the 72-mile route that any B-class cyclist can handle, three short but nasty hills on the 100-mile route. (But nothing you would write home about...)

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Photo of the North Fork route by Janine Irizarry

ALL routes start and end at:

Greenport High School

720 Front Street

Greenport, NY map

You can either get to the Greenport start/finish line on your own, or use our OPTIONAL transportation to get your bike and you from Manhattan to the ride and home again.  We’ll serve a light breakfast in Manhattan and in Greenport.  (Or eat breakfast in BOTH places if you’re a hog like me!)

We'll be there all along the way with a painted route and cue sheet. Full rest stops with snacks, sports drink, and a few surprises. THE best S.A.G. (bike rescue) service if you run in to trouble en route.

New to long-distance riding?  We offer optional escorted rides for the 72-mile route and the 25-mile route at no additional charge -- pedal with our trained leaders who will help you have a great ride.

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Photo by Patricia Dore of the North Fork route

We offer free luggage service -- bring a small bag with a towel, shampoo, and a change of clothes for our free hot showers at the finish line.  We’ll keep an eye on your bag so you don’t have to pedal with it. 

At the finish you’ll also find free massage and a free hot meal for meat-eaters and vegetarians.

We Love Your Butt

... and we want it to stay lovely. That’s why we are proud to provide free samples of

thanks to our friends at Paceline.

And We Love to Eat!

For years I have purchased Larabar energy bars at full price because they are my favorite -- the only energy bar I actually put in my own mouth. Now the Larabar folks have joined us as a sponsor and I couldn’t be happier -- enjoy them at our rest stops. (By the way, when I say that Larabar is now a “sponsor” that means that they are giving us free Larabars, and that’s great! It does NOT mean that they have given me piles of cash or a new carbon-titanium custom bike. Yet.)

What’s All of This Going to Cost Me?

The 2015 North Fork Century is a fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Disease Resource Center -- a local, Long Island-based charity.

Each cyclist needs to raise at least $350 to pedal the ride. Raise at least $500 and get a custom North Fork racing jersey too! (Don’t want to raise money? It’s OK with us! Just sign up, pledge $350 on behalf of yourself to this great cause, and you’re ready to go!)

Optional transport is available for your bike and you from Manhattan out to the ride and back. If you want the transport you can buy it with good ol’ cash.

We’re looking forward to a fantastic day of riding.  On the following pages is everything you need to know -- how to register, what to pack, when to show up, where to start the ride, and much, much more.

Not ready to sign up yet, but want to be added to our bike ride mailing list? Just click here.


Photo of the North Fork route by Pamela Cattel-De Maaijer

Dear North Fork Friends --

The wonderful North Fork Century takes place mostly in the town of Southold, NY. The town passed a new law that bans group bicycle rides between May 1 and November 1, and limits the size of any ride to 600 cyclists.

This makes it pretty much impossible to run a North Fork ride that would be economical and fun.

Clearly we disagree with this decision, but as my wonderful attorney always says, “Are you ready to spend $100,000 to fight a legal case that you might lose?”

I want to thank the thousands of cyclists who enjoyed the North Fork over 10 years, and the local merchants and non-profits with which we worked. We always received a warm welcome from the people of Southold... it’s just the politicians that we couldn’t convince.

We hope that the politics in Southold will change and we can bring back the North Fork. We don’t expect that to happen any time soon, but maybe someday...

Hope we’ll see you on the road at our other events.